Making your money off of dead soldiers?

I am not saying that it is wrong to make a profit, someone had to do the work it takes to settle things for the deceased. I am talking about companies that hold onto death benefits and do not release them to the families. That is just so wrong. Even if you are short on money due to the recession, no one should be taking advantage of the people who love and protect our country with their lives. They deserve some kind of respect for the role they play and this kind of blatant disregard for their lives makes me sick. It is fraudulent behavior that I wouldn’t even expect from the Grinch or Mr. Scrooge himself.

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It is astonishing to me that health insurance companies can get away with using some of the most dishonest practices I have ever witnessed. Did you know that right now, insurance companies have Berenice saving money? That’s right, they have made their premiums just high enough to be able to be secure in case an atomic bomb hits.
We survive the recession by scrimping and saving, it just doesn’t seem right that they get to just roll on past us. These are the companies that get bailed out. Who was around to bail me out when all the bills came at once? I just want a company that can be trusted. A company that is, ‘worth their salt’ so to speak. I’m just lucky life insurance hasn’t been an issue.

Women cost more, so lets charge them more?

Doesn’t that seem like a little bit of backward thinking? It is already a little bit ridiculous that companies can do gender-based price hikes in car insurance. I do not think it should be allowed to discriminate based on statistics. If you are going to provide insurance, you should provide it fairly, to everyone, for everyone. That is the point of this new healthcare bill, is it not? No discrimination. Everyone gets healthcare?
Women should never be a step behind, and this is forcing them to be in my opinion. How can you say that everyone must have healthcare, we will fine you if you don’t, but Johnny’s premium is going to be lower than yours because we assume he will go to the hospital less. We cannot base risk versus need on simply the gender of an individual in my opinion.
There was an article written in the New York times about this sad, sick practice that insurance providers don’t even try to hide.I encourage you to read it, but I warn you, be ready for a heavy onset of depression at how slowly we learn as a country.

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When has ‘grandfathering in’ ever made anyone happy?

“Under the health reform law signed in March, health insurance plans must meet a variety of new requirements. But plans that existed before the law was signed can be “grandfathered in,” without necessarily having to meet all the new requirements.”…urance-rules.html

–I get that this will make it easier for the companies, but shouldn’t they have to eventually adjust to the new requirements? I think that there should be a longterm goal in mind of having everyone follow these specifications. Without equality how can we expect anyone to change from their current plans when they aren’t bogged down with specific rules? How can this new plan be successful if not following it is the best option. I guess once everyone over thirty now who has a healthcare plan dies, everything will be in effect. So we are only looking at fifty more years on inequality? Sound fair to you?

Why the bail out spelled disaster

Nouriel Roubini, or “Dr. Doom” as he has been dubbed by the media as well as those who have read his economical predictions, has said we are not out of the recession yet. In my opinion, we are just getting our feet wet right now. Americans have got to learn how to spend and save money wisely. Living beyond our means has caused these bail outs of big businesses. Sally Mae and Freddie Mac shouldn’t have been too big to break. Even now, they should be forced to downsize. Companies should not be able to operate above their means without the consequences. The american people live through these consequences while the governments and companies they see on the news are thriving and living above their means. The government encourages us to spend our money by giving us tax rebates to get the market going. The sad thing is that instead of saving their money, people use this “free money” to buy couches and school clothes and barbeque grills.
This new health insurance jump is coming too soon. People cannot afford to spend lots of money on insurance when they are already struggling to make ends meet. Life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, everything is important and valuable and you need it, but that is at least $500 dollars out of your pocket a month, not to mention the house note and the utilities. Something has got to change . People, find affordable coverage from smaller companies that you know can sustain your needs. If you are looking for life insurance, this is a good one, if you need another type, let me know and I will help you search for a company that you can trust.


America’s Youth Can Reform Healthcare

I just read this great new article about how the American youths are actually the ones who can save the economy, well the insurance agencies anyway. In the article, it states that the reason for this is that young, healthy people will bring down the cost of insurance for everyone. Insurance companies will have to offer coverage for sick people and healthy people at the same rate. So if healthy people aren’t buying insurance that can be costly and end up causing a decline in the economy which, lets face it, we cannot handle. If everyone was forced to get insurance, healthy or not, the cost would be driven down because the younger, healthier people that are buying insurance would cost the insurance companies almost nothing. This is also not a bad thing for the young healthy people who will inevitably get old and need insurance.
The thing that I don’t really agree with is the idea that you can force people to pay for insurance, fine them if they don’t, and cause undue stress to poor people who aren’t below the free line. It seems unfair to make people spend their money on something that they don’t want to buy. Yes, insurance is a great idea. Everyone should have it because if something does happen, you will be in trouble. Its like the smoking issue, you can warn people, you can even stop them smoking in your house or business, but you can’t force them to quit. I’m saying I understand the plan, but I just don’t agree with using people like that. Why not just make it affordable so that people will buy it. Make good premiums with good coverage. Allow for payment plans. Then maybe people would buy.
Here is the article:

The Latest on Healthcare reform

Well, it happened. It looks like if you don’t have health care, there will be a fine. So we have no universal health care at this time, but we do have the possibility of a fine for those who don’t have health care? Doesn’t that seem like we took a step backward? These people already don’t have health care. Now we are claiming that they don’t have health care because they can’t afford it so what do we do? Let’s fine them if they don’t have it, that should help the problem.
Yeah right is my opinion. How can someone who can’t afford health care be expected to pay a fine? This just sounds like the government trying to make some money. They know these people cannot get health care, so then they also know money will be coming to them. In the end, its less about the people, more about the money.
Maybe if we weren’t in a recession it would be different. I just don’t see how it could ever be beneficial to make someone have health care or else. There has got to be a better way.
I just read this article, let me know what you think. Update 2
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