Women cost more, so lets charge them more?

Doesn’t that seem like a little bit of backward thinking? It is already a little bit ridiculous that companies can do gender-based price hikes in car insurance. I do not think it should be allowed to discriminate based on statistics. If you are going to provide insurance, you should provide it fairly, to everyone, for everyone. That is the point of this new healthcare bill, is it not? No discrimination. Everyone gets healthcare?
Women should never be a step behind, and this is forcing them to be in my opinion. How can you say that everyone must have healthcare, we will fine you if you don’t, but Johnny’s premium is going to be lower than yours because we assume he will go to the hospital less. We cannot base risk versus need on simply the gender of an individual in my opinion.
There was an article written in the New York times about this sad, sick practice that insurance providers don’t even try to hide.I encourage you to read it, but I warn you, be ready for a heavy onset of depression at how slowly we learn as a country.

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2 Responses

  1. Wow? Seriously? And I thought the insurance companies in my country are the worst.

    Definitely agree with your opinion. This policy is ridiculous and sexist. I always believe that women and men are created equal; and that means equal in everything – rights and responsibilities. It’s the society that makes it different. So what if we have different anatomies than guys do? We have 98% same internal organ.

    By the way, your post intrigued me to write something about it. Hope you don’t mind if I backlink my blog to you if I do write. 🙂 Thanks before.

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