About Mike

Hi my name is Mike and I’m just a 35 year old, married, semi-cool geek interested in golf, web programming, outing insurance scammers, standing up for the little guy and anything gadget or tech related. I’m married and have two great kids that make my life interesting.

Robots will one day rule the world!

I was born and raised in North Carolina and have traveled quite a bit. I attended NC University at Chapel Hill for business and dropped out to sell insurance for five years before going back to school for a CIS degree and never looked back.

Now, in addition to my top-secret job with the government (really!) I write on insurance related topics, especially life insurance. After seeing a lot of the shifty things that go on in the industry, my goal is to out the scammers, support the good guys and generally help people be a little more informed about whom they choose as an insurance provider.


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