Funny Insurance Videos

Hey, I thought you might enjoy these videos, I know I did.


Broken Ankle Insurance?

This is pretty funny.

While Daddy’s Away, The Child Will Play… Good Thing this Guy Has Great Life Insurance

From Insurance News:
This guy had a great idea-get a long rope, throw it over the house and tie it to the bumper of his car. Then he was able to get on the back of the roof and tie the rope around his waist-he was secure. The man took an extra precautionary measure, but one that was not nearly as reliable – he told his 10-year-old son  to stay by the car. But as 10-year-olds will do, he ran off to play.

What happened next was unfortunate, as the man’s wife started the car to go somewhere.

He heard the car start and tried to untie the rope, but it was too late. She drove off, pulling him up one side of the roof, down the other and off the second story. Luckily he landed in a bush, but was knocked unconscious.

The man was dragged from the bush and down the block before a neighbor ran into the street to stop the car. The carrier paid the claim, but they declined coverage for the 10-year-old’s red behind.

Yet another fabulous example of why people actually should have indsurance LOL

Moo Insurance, Please


Rachel Lightfoot, a senior compliance analyst with Merastar Auto & Home Insurance in Chattanooga, Tenn., also wrote in about animals with a strange “herd” mentality. “My dad does work as a geologist and hydrologist, often having to take soil and water samples,” she wrote. “Once he had to park in a field in which some cows were grazing.”

The cows were far enough from the car that he didn’t worry about them, Ms. Lightfoot said, noting that her father went about the business of collecting his samples.

“When he came back to his car some time later, he found it surrounded by cows who were rubbing against it, biting it, kicking, etc,” Ms. Lightfoot wrote. “He couldn’t tell whether the cows felt attracted or threatened. When he was finally able to get them away from his car, Dad found strange scratches and dents everywhere except the roof.”

*shakes head*

Her father called to ask if this damage would be covered, and Ms. Lightfoot said “that definitely met the definition of ‘other than collision.'”

Buffalo Insurance Claims…

And it’s not just workers’ comp or general liability carriers that have to cope with animal-related claims. Auto insurers should also be on the alert.

It’s not just workers’ comp or general liability carriers that have to cope with animal-related claims. Auto insurers should also be on the alert.

As one lady said:
“As an agent of only five years at the time, the strangest claim I had ever heard was when one of my insureds called to report an attack by buffalo to his van,” wrote Sue Vargovich, an agent with Effler Schmitt Company in Toledo, Ohio.

The insured had been driving through an animal safari, and the car in front of him had been feeding the animals before moving on, Ms. Vargovich wrote.

“It was then that several buffalo decided they were still hungry and started pushing the front of the vehicle, ramming and ramming until the hood and front end were damaged.” Luckily, she added, the insured was able to make his escape.

Hahahhahahaha I just had to laugh at this one.

How will the French stay healthy? Govt Cuts Back Roman-Spa Mud Wraps and Thermal Baths

….How will the French stay healthy, now that the government is cutting back its Roman-spa mud wraps and thermal baths (paid by national health insurance)?

Among President Sarkozy’s recent moves to trim the size of the French government was the layoff of half of the 165 physiotherapists at the taxpayer-funded National Baths of Aix-les-Bains. The pink-slipped masseurs warn that the country’s health will be at risk if people are unable to get the mud wraps, thermal baths and deep-tissue massages covered by national health insurance (along with subsidized transportation and lodging for the visits). In fact, 27 of the physiotherapists immediately went on sick leave for depression.

Among Sarkozy’s other targets of government bloat, according to a July Wall Street Journal dispatch: figuring out why France employs 271 diplomats in India but more than 700 in Senegal. [Wall Street Journal, 7-8-08]

Insurance Claims of the Weird

Here’s the rundown:

  • Weird Claim 1: Frozen Squirrel—the motorist said a frozen squirrel fell out of a tree and crashed through the windshield.
  • Watch for frozen squirrels!

  • Weird Claim 2: Stung in the Leg—the motorist claimed a wasp sting in the leg caused s/he to step on the gas and bump the car ahead.
  • Weird Claim 3: Bad Potato—the motorist said a loose potato rolled under the break and affected the ability to stop.
  • Weird Claim 4: Meat Head—”As I was driving around a bend, one of the doors opened and a frozen kebab flew out, hitting and damaging a passing car,” the claim read. (I had to quote that one verbatim—there’s just no good way to paraphrase that.)

The craziest part about these claims is that they were all found to be totally legitimate and were paid out accordingly.

So what’s the moral of the story? Watch out for frozen falling squirrels, obviously. 🙂