Moo Insurance, Please


Rachel Lightfoot, a senior compliance analyst with Merastar Auto & Home Insurance in Chattanooga, Tenn., also wrote in about animals with a strange “herd” mentality. “My dad does work as a geologist and hydrologist, often having to take soil and water samples,” she wrote. “Once he had to park in a field in which some cows were grazing.”

The cows were far enough from the car that he didn’t worry about them, Ms. Lightfoot said, noting that her father went about the business of collecting his samples.

“When he came back to his car some time later, he found it surrounded by cows who were rubbing against it, biting it, kicking, etc,” Ms. Lightfoot wrote. “He couldn’t tell whether the cows felt attracted or threatened. When he was finally able to get them away from his car, Dad found strange scratches and dents everywhere except the roof.”

*shakes head*

Her father called to ask if this damage would be covered, and Ms. Lightfoot said “that definitely met the definition of ‘other than collision.'”


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