Killer Squirrel Insurance Claims…No Joke

From Michael Burroughs, workers’ compensation unit leader for Montgomery Insurance in Charlotte, N.C., wrote about a physical education teacher who had injured her knee while playing with one of her classes. During her recovery, the teacher would stop in at the school to pick up her check and visit with the staff.

After one such trip, Mr. Burroughs wrote, “while on her way out the door, [the teacher] heard something in one of the large trash bins. Inquisitively, she hobbled over on her crutches to see what the noise was, and as she got to the trash bin and looked inside…out jumped a squirrel!”

The squirrel startled the teacher, causing her to jump back to try to get away-exacerbating her existing injury. “To this day,” Mr. Burroughs wrote, “we are still trying to track down that squirrel to try to subrogate our losses!”


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