Explosion in an insurance office?

I just read this article, http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601081&sid=a5mAWarJ24TA

“Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) — Fifteen people were admitted to hospital in the northern Australian city of Darwin today after an explosion at an insurance office, officials said.”

Now, what I took from this is that even an insurance agency is not fully protected from unforeseen dangers. Now, what I do believe is that they will not be held accountable for paying for those damages because they have already invested in the future care of their building. How much more important is it that we protect our families from such dangers? If we can insure our homes and our cars, why wouldn’t we insure our lives? I know that I want my family to be protected should anything happen to me, and they would want to do the same for me. Just think abut your options. Damages even as small as a tree hitting the house can destroy a family budget. Don’t let it happen to you. This is a good site for life insurance, start with something that is easy to pay and gives you the coverage you deserve. http://www.onedollarglobeinsurance.com/

Mike- Insurance advice to anyone who wants to protect themselves and get the coverage they deserve and need.


Ban on mandatory health insurance?

“Although President Barack Obama’s push for a health care overhaul has stalled, conservative lawmakers in more than two-thirds of the states are forging ahead with constitutional amendments to ban government health insurance mandates.”
This would mean that if you don’t want to have insurance, you don’t have to. For instance, if you have enough money to pay your own bills, you shouldn’t have to put in for the government insurance. One problem that i foresee is that this will just cause the program to be poorly funded and create a cheap, low grade health care that won’t be universal, it will just be like overcrowded free clinics around the nation. What are your thoughts about this?
Mike- I got this information from this article,http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory?id=9715139 and similar news stories.

Message to the Grandparents

Congratulations! You have beaten childhood, become an adult, had your own children, raised them, and now you are ready for the joys that grandchildren can be. It is easy to just let the new family figure things out for themselves, but you have been there. You know that sometimes all you want to do is take a shower. Sometimes the most expensive thing you can buy is a magazine at the check out station. It happens to everyone. Most people who should be saving money during this time realize that they simply have no money to save. It is hard being a parent, but I feel that it is the best job I have ever had and the hard times made me appreciate the good ones so much more! Now, naturally you want to help your child every step of the way with babysitting and simply just being there, but with todays financial burdens there is something else that you can do as well. You can buy them life insurance policies. With so much on their plates, they probably aren’t thinking of the possibility that they will need one. This company offers cheap policies and the coverage is enough to make a difference in the life of a child should something happen. http://www.onedollarglobeinsurance.com Let me know if you have any questions about this.
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Start the New Year Right

I know that most people start of the year by saying they will quit smoking or be healthier, but I urge you to consider your financial stability this year and try to create a better method of spending and saving. There is no time like the present to be responsible and start fresh. Having life insurance is a good way to get started. Without it you are the burden on your family and friends. You might even be putting your family at risk of going into debt with bills that they cannot afford to pay. Health insurance is also a big deal and should be included in your finances if not included by your job. http://www.onedollarglobeinsurance.com/ This is a good site to get started on your life insurance, it is really easy to understand and even easier to afford.With very straight forward policies it is an easy way to get the coverage you need without the hassle and expense that just isn’t necessary.

Abortion Coverage; Only for Congress?

Have you heard the news? Everyone is upset about abortion or elective surgeries not being covered by the new health care plan right? Well it just came out the republican party heads, the ones pushing the “No Free Abortions” with our new health care actually have it included in their personal health care packages. How is that ok? First of all, abortions are legal operations that are done for medical as well as personal reasons. If people are still allowed to get an abortion if raped or if it is medically unsafe, then more and more people will end up reporting ” rape”. Doesn’t that seem like the outcome? In my opinion, they are going to get the abortions if they want them. It doesn’t save any lives by not allowing it. The women will just go to dirtier under the table places to have it done. The fact that they are so hypocritical is just so frustrating!
Here are two articles if you want to read about it: http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/2009/11/gop_jettisons_a.html and http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hkWWFIEXgAtpUcUXCugfHS1qLYRwD9BUIGQO0
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How insurance began

I found this link and I think it just might be where the first insurance company got their idea. Haha, just kidding, but it is a really great idea and I’m thinking about letting my kids do it for some extra allowance money, or maybe to donate to a local charity. Its a cute idea and I think you should check it out. http://www.fundraising-ideas.org/DIY/goblin.htm

I also thought that sense I brought it up you might want to know the origin of insurance. This is a really great article. It talks about the first business, but I bet the idea started the same way that banks did.
Here is the article: http://www.bigsiteofamazingfacts.com/when-did-insurance-begin
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Swine Flu

Can you get the medicine you need?

Can you get the medicine you need?

So everyone has heard about the swine flu. We all know how to protect ourselves, if possible, from contracting the illness. We stay in as much as possible, cover our mouths and noses when we sneeze and cough, and stay away from people exhibiting symptoms.
They say that they have a number of cases found in different parts of the world as well. What I wonder is, how many cases have gone unreported because of lack of insurance and inability to go to the hospital. It would be very bad indeed to be without insurance and also suffering from what could be the next pandemic illness. It is similar, but not as extreme, as the strain that took everyone by surprise in 1918. The only difference is that this time we should be more prepared with all of our health care advances. Unfortunately, the uninsured are in the most danger. Most age ranges are accounted for when looking at the spectrum of uninsured here in America.

If you are one of those unisured, please, i urge you to take the initiative now and get yourself some protection. Especially if you have families. My best advice is to go through a smaller insurance company. They will be more willing to work with you and understand your personnal needs because they have a more intimate relationship with their clients. They will care about your sick daughter or son and will know you on a level that would never be attained by the do-it-yourself, over the internet insurance. It is also easier to misunederstand, or be confused about your policy with a bigger company because they spend less time trying to win your business. In most cases, they don’t need you, and they won’t care whether you stay with them or go elsewhere. Smaller companies will be better for you in the long run.

Please, during this flu season keep your family healthy and protected, and if they should become ill, make sure that they can get the care they need. Here is to wishing you and yours the best.