AIG bailed out then sells?

AIG, according to this article I just read, has sold some of its assets away. I may be wrong, but I don’t think that after we have bailed out this company, we should let them sell. Why not give in, declare bankruptcy and let the government sell the rest of the assets? This way, we all get the money, well the government does anyway. Why let the rich get richer? We save their butts so to speak so they can get away with faulty loans and bad payments and still make the big bucks and insure a nice, happy retirement? If we keep bailing people out, what is going to happen to MY retirement? Down the pipes I assume?
I vote that if we are bailing companies out, they have to work with what they have for the good of the people, not sell everything as fast as they can and fade into the distance. Otherwise, why should we keep bailing them out? It is becoming fairly obvious to me that they just spend the money. Anyone else with me?


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