America’s Youth Can Reform Healthcare

I just read this great new article about how the American youths are actually the ones who can save the economy, well the insurance agencies anyway. In the article, it states that the reason for this is that young, healthy people will bring down the cost of insurance for everyone. Insurance companies will have to offer coverage for sick people and healthy people at the same rate. So if healthy people aren’t buying insurance that can be costly and end up causing a decline in the economy which, lets face it, we cannot handle. If everyone was forced to get insurance, healthy or not, the cost would be driven down because the younger, healthier people that are buying insurance would cost the insurance companies almost nothing. This is also not a bad thing for the young healthy people who will inevitably get old and need insurance.
The thing that I don’t really agree with is the idea that you can force people to pay for insurance, fine them if they don’t, and cause undue stress to poor people who aren’t below the free line. It seems unfair to make people spend their money on something that they don’t want to buy. Yes, insurance is a great idea. Everyone should have it because if something does happen, you will be in trouble. Its like the smoking issue, you can warn people, you can even stop them smoking in your house or business, but you can’t force them to quit. I’m saying I understand the plan, but I just don’t agree with using people like that. Why not just make it affordable so that people will buy it. Make good premiums with good coverage. Allow for payment plans. Then maybe people would buy.
Here is the article:


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