Tour insurance coverage- Is it worth it?

Traveler’s insurance and Tour insurance may seem like a far away idea used mostly by high up business men and people in the performance business, but is it worth it for the every day person? Recently we have all heard of the death of one of our most ingenious musical minds, Michael Jackson. After passing a physical exam in which he was tested to see if he would be able to perform safely during his 50 show tour in London, Jackson was given insurance on his whole tour. Insurance that will now cover the money owed from Jackson to the venues. Without this, he would not have been able to leave such a hefty fortune to his mother and children.

It seems like kind of a stretch to use Jackson’s case as a reason that you should get tour insurance, but is it? Think about the last vacation that you took. Everything went off without a hitch right? Wrong. Something always goes wrong whether it is the rental car or the room reservations or the boat breaking down, something is bound to happen. When it does you curse the fact that you took off of work for the customary five minutes that is usually necessary before you remember that a vacation is a vacationa and make new plans. The worry free vacation you had hoped for rarely happens on its own.

I am not trying to say that tour insurance should be used on every trip taken, but wouldn’t it be nice if cancelations in rooms or cars was covered and your time was valuable? Wouldn’t it be worth it once in a while to plan out a vacation, take out some insurance on it, and really be able to relax? Someone else can make sure you get new reservations and a taxi cab to a new hotel that doesn’t have a broken shower. Someone else could be in charge of rescheduling you for the cruise you missed due to bad weather. I think that considering the other alternative, sometimes, it might be nice to be covered. Especially if something were to happen while you were gone. What then? Costs that you had owed to the different places you might have been staying would be covered. This is not something to do every time you take some time off of work, but the next time your anniversary rolls around, it might be something to consider.

Enjoy my favorite insurance site if you have the time 🙂


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