Have we caused the recession?

Nouriel Roubini, or “Dr. Doom” as he has been dubbed by the media as well as those who have read his economical predictions, has said we are not out of the recession yet. In my opinion, we are just getting our feet wet right now. Americans have got to learn how to spend and save money wisely. Living beyond our means has caused these bail outs of big businesses. Sally Mae and Freddie Mac shouldn’t have been too big to break. Even now, they should be forced to downsize. Companies should not be able to operate above their means without the consequences. The american people live through these consequences while the governments and companies they see on the news are thriving and living above their means. The government encourages us to spend our money by giving us tax rebates to get the market going. The sad thing is that instead of saving their money, people use this “free money” to buy couches and school clothes and barbeque grills.
This new health insurance jump is coming too soon. People cannot afford to spend lots of money on insurance when they are already struggling to make ends meet. Life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, everything is important and valuable and you need it, but that is at least $500 dollars out of your pocket a month, not to mention the house note and the utilities. Something has got to change . People, find affordable coverage from smaller companies that you know can sustain your needs. If you are looking for life insurance, this is a good one, http://www.onedollarglobeinsurance.com/ if you need another type, let me know and I will help you search for a company that you can trust.



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  1. Is this your second blog!? I’m reasonably sure I remember you from a while back..used to read your old blog on a regular basis. Not certain if I’m recalling of the same person though!

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