Obama Nation

I think the biggest issue for Obama this term, maybe even this year, is to get something done. He has to prove that change can and will happen. I feel like if he doesn’t get something accomplished, many of the republicans that voted for him will not vote him on for a second term. He deserves a second term, maybe even a third if that were allowed. We need some massive changes. Something as big as the healthcare issue isn’t going to change over night, and we really can’t expect it to. I commend him for taking on such a big job though. He will try to make things better for us and I’m supporting him because, yeah, maybe he hasn’t done anything officially right yet, but he hasn’t done a bad job in my opinion.

You see, people in the US expect instant gratification because of the media telling us its possible. Think about it, people expect to lose weight in mere months, which isn’t going to happen for everyone, especially if you are using fad diets. Even if it does, the results will go away when you go off the diet. People are all striving toward the ideal life, when your ideal life could be very very different from other peoples ideal lives. Don’t compensate for who you are. Be the person that you are and it will all fall into place. What do you think?



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