Holiday Spending Spree?
Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you. With careful planning and a real, solid budget you will be able to juggle all of the planning and work in the spending without all of the hassle and stress. It might even be a good idea to start saving now for next year. You know you will most likely over spend, so if you had money saved up for next year, i think it would make a huge difference. I am trying to now plan for holidays so that I don’t feel so restricted on what I can do and what I can spend and trying to spread everything so thin that some of the fun of the vacation is completely lost.
If you will be traveling this holiday season, please get some kind of insurance, travel or life and definitely health, just in case something happens. With everything, it is best to plan for the worst, that way it can never sneak up on you.
Enjoy your holiday season and remember I’m always here if you have a question that you need answered,


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