From the Insurance and Financial Advisor:

“At a guilty plea hearing, Katherine Lee, 30, admitted that between Nov. 1, 2000 and April 30, 2004, she submitted 15 fraudulent prescription drug claims to Selective Insurance for prescription medications. Lee admitted that following a serious automobile accident, she submitted claims reflecting that she had paid full price for the prescription medication but had, in reality, only paid a co-payment of between $5 and $25.”

More fraud and more fraud. It lands on both sides of the coin; you have people trying to defraud insurance companies and bad-apple insurance agents trying to defraud everyone.yellow pill

It sucks, but it happens; as long as someone’s paying attention, that’s the important thing. I think the insurance industry is finally realizing it needs some harder strictures in place to combat this stuff.

And really 4 YEARS to come to trial? What is it with 2004? Seriously. In the grand scheme of things, something like this really isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t take that long to come to a resolution. Sheesh.

Just a lil more food for thought.


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