While Daddy’s Away, The Child Will Play… Good Thing this Guy Has Great Life Insurance

From Insurance News:
This guy had a great idea-get a long rope, throw it over the house and tie it to the bumper of his car. Then he was able to get on the back of the roof and tie the rope around his waist-he was secure. The man took an extra precautionary measure, but one that was not nearly as reliable – he told his 10-year-old son  to stay by the car. But as 10-year-olds will do, he ran off to play.

What happened next was unfortunate, as the man’s wife started the car to go somewhere.

He heard the car start and tried to untie the rope, but it was too late. She drove off, pulling him up one side of the roof, down the other and off the second story. Luckily he landed in a bush, but was knocked unconscious.

The man was dragged from the bush and down the block before a neighbor ran into the street to stop the car. The carrier paid the claim, but they declined coverage for the 10-year-old’s red behind.

Yet another fabulous example of why people actually should have indsurance LOL


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